Week five: Sounds of the Old West, and some other places too.

This week, I really ventured outside my comfort zone. I am fairly tech savvy and for most of the work we have done so far, It didn’t require that I learn any totally new skills. I have never really done anything with audio, however, so this week was uncharted territory. I played with audacity on my own for a minute, and the tools and things were not as intuitive as I would have hoped. I knew basically what I wanted to do, but how to do it was something else. So, I searched around and found this tutorial video that covers the basics of audio editing with audacity. I used that simple crash course to create my first piece of work for the week, the radio bumper. I am pretty satisfied with my results in the end. To me it sounds like any bumper on an actual radio station.
After that crash course in audacity, I put my new skills to work and created my audio story, Bad Deal, for my first 3.5 star assignment. While doing that assignment, I had to continually seek out new sounds as my ear picked up on elements that were notable absent in the story. There are still a few places in it that I think need some fine tuning, the speed of some things and such, but overall I am pretty satisfied with how it turned out and pretty amazed at how intriguing it was to let my ear do the story telling for me.
As a part of that assignment, I also created and completed my own 1 star assignment to upload a sound effect. It was both useful for me and a good way for my to inspire people to contribute something to freesound.org instead of just employing resources from it.
Audacity being the wonderful tool that it is, I also used it for the audio recording for my song reflection assignment. It takes all the difficulty and anxiety of making audio recordings. I just record whatever comes out of my mouth, and fix it all in edits.
I applied those audio editing techniques and a few more for this assignment. I recorded myself reading a 2 minute long poem that I loved because I could not choose a single quote. I edited the whole quote, but in the end, being unsure of the copy right issues involved, decided not to post my result. In the process, however, I learned how to edit out breathing sounds, splice in new sections to replace pieces I did not like, eliminate unwanted verbal clutter and so on.
So, to complete my assignments and get all my stars, I did this 4 star assignment. It was interesting and gave me a chance to play around with several effects, even though I was not totally satisfied with my result.
For Daily Creates this week, which can be found here,I had more fun with gimp. I created the treasure map from scratch, the only elements I incorporated was the mountains that I laid over the top of my custom made aged paper texture. I also put a curious cowboy on mars looking down at a more curious rover. The frontier knows no bounds.
After the assignments, I composed this post to reflect on the power of story telling. In particular, I thought about the ability of sound to create apprehension and fear. Also, I have my radio show ideas posted here.


I also left comments… here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and at least a dozen other places before I started keeping track of them.


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