Week 9: Sounds of the West and some Character fun.

So, this week, I listened to the various radio programs and tweeted along when I was available to do so. I am still bummed that I was on my way home from class when my program played. It would have been fun to listen to my work shared in such a way. I did read a blog post or two about it though, so that sorta made up for it. I reflected on a show of my own here.
As usual, my daily creates can be found here. Nothing particularly noteworthy this week except puns, ok, well, nothing noteworthy.
After that, it was all about character assignments. For my first 4.5 stars, I created a buzzfeed quiz. It was a pretty interesting assignment getting a bit into the heads of other characters. Hopefully the character creators like my portrayals, I sent them links to check out the quiz. I may add more characters to it later, I just started with three for now.
For my next 4.5 stars, I read about even more characters to create a story map where I encountered several ds106 characters. If I had done this one first, maybe the buzzfeed quiz would have been more inclusive. I somehow feel bad for all the characters that did not make that quiz. Maybe I will do a 2.0.



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