Week 8: Something to (radio) show for it.

My DS106 experience this week consisted mostly of creating the radio show. It was in some way a welcome reprieve from creating assignment after assignment on my own and fun to work with a group, which is odd because I usually dislike doing so. Maybe it was because this was a creative process more than a purely academic one. Anyhow, most of the details about that can be found in the post dedicated to it.
I did a couple daily creates this week as well. They were both pretty cut and dry. For the tongue twister I just looked down the twitter feed and grabbed a few names that started with the same letter, s. Then, I made a pun or two to fit them all together in a tongue twister. The other daily create was just to think about the song that the wood nymph might be dancing to. That though process was interesting because I though first that such a creature seem Tolkienesque, and that I need a song to go along with that so I chose Led Zeppelin. Then, however, I thought about the line about a flower in her hair in going to California and it seemed like a perfect fit.

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