Week 7: Radio report and assorted assignments.

So, this week was a bit slower than weeks previous. We made in some headway in at least laying a bit of a road map for creating our radio show, more details about which are here.
I also put my design skills to use, limited though they are, and designed a logo for our radio show group.
My daily creates for the week were pretty interesting. The video to record myself making a Foley sound effect pushed me to try some rudimentary video editing techniques using windows movie maker and audacity to handle and fine tune the audio. My western triple troll meme got a couple likes and a share. Not that that is significant, but it is nice to see when people enjoy my work.
For assignments this week, I earned my first 3.5 stars completing an audio assignment that, while it did not either apply to my character or create anything useful for the radio program, was just a lot of fun to do.
For my next assignment worth 4 stars, I decided to get a bit of a head start on my radio show work and create a commercial for my made up brand of playing cards.
For my final 3 stars to put me at 10.5 for the week and 7 involving my character, I decided to do a life story bit from his perspective based on a portion of the background I have him earlier.

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