Week 12: Mashed up

So, this week, I started with a 4.5 star assignment that was like one I enjoyed doing last week, but with a little more nuance.  This one fit better together as a complete piece since I already had a story I was trying to tell, and I even fit somewhat of a story inside it. The narrative underlying the assignment really gives it focus.
After that, I did an assignment for 4 stars that incorporated my character. What goes better together than a poker playing cowboy and a poker playing St. Bernard?
After that, I took some time to fix a post that I didn’t complete the way that I liked a few weeks ago. I researched how to get a story map into a WordPress site, and learned how to do that an more, so, I created a tutorial from that.
The next assignment I worked on, for 4.5 stars, bringing me to a total of 13, allowed me to finally use something from Lord of the Rings.
After that, I did a couple of remixes. The first was a remix of a digital reflection assignment that I completed earlier in the semester, but it took an interesting twist. It was fun to see how a new take on an old assignment could lead to something so fun.
My next remix was, essentially, to turn a guessing visual assignment into a fun joke.

Last but not least, my daily creates this week.  This week I learned how to make simple fireworks with Gimp.

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