Week 11

So, I spent the first part of this week recovering from a hard drive failure. I had only partial backups, so it took some work to get back to square one. Then, I tried my hand at video editing with adobe premier, but although it seems to have more useful features, it is not nearly as intuitive as windows movie maker. I will try again another time. So, the first assignment I did this week, with movie maker, for 5 stars was a review of a few powerful moments in film.

My next assignment for 4.5 stars was a montage of Benicio del Toro, one of my favorite actors. I tried to emphasize both his range and his intensity.

For my first 5 stars involving my character, I made a video of a Morse code puzzle of sorts.

For my final assignment for another 5 stars with my character and a total of 19.5 overall, I made a service announcement.

My Daily Creates are here. The one I particularly enjoyed this week was making the surreal image from the photo of the valley. I say some interesting ideas for surreal photos that I might play around with in the future if I have some time.

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