Week One: Baby Steps..

The first week of the course, because of my apprehension after a precursory glance at the course work, was a bit intimidating. After getting started though, I realized that it was all relatively simple, for now, and maybe even somewhat exciting. I always hate writing about myself so writing my intro was, as expected, a bit awkward; I took it in a different direction though, so it was not the experience I expected.
The western theme invoked a bit of a negative reaction at first until I read about the genre and wrote my reflection about it. After some thought, I realized that westerns had actually been a big part of my film experiences, and even my reading experiences, and that it might be fun to participate in that tradition.
I think the moral of the week then has been to avoid what I have been told is “contempt prior to investigation” and give things a chance. Nothing about the experience of the first week was bad at all, but I allowed my first, very limited, impression to shape my actions, and now here I am writing this reflection post at the last minute. I think the thing that I need to take away from the first week most of all, then, and I have always had this issue with online course work, is not to put it off. This is particularly true for this course. The last thing I would want is to be in a rush and barely finish an assignment that I found exciting simply because I put it off until the last minute.

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