Week 13: Not your grandpa’s internet anymore.

Every time that I am inclined to do so, I am amazed, or maybe appalled, at what the internet has become. Instead, in this case, of coming across tumblr or 4chan, there was a few pleasant surprises. I did not complete all the assignments that I found interesting, but I did acquire a few more bookmarks. The first things I did for the week was use X-ray goggles to reinterpret a Craigslist post and tell a little story about Merrill.
After that, inspired by a song remix I saw on youtube a while back, I had some fun with google translate for 3.5 stars.  For my next 2.5 stars, I made a Pinterest board for Merrill which was a pain to embed until I realized I needed the code buttons on the text editor. For my last 4.5 starts for a weekly total of 10.5, I redid a buzzfeed quiz assignment that I thought was a lot of fun, but upgraded it.


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