The Deal: Final Project Progress

So, the underlying plan for my final project, the basis for the story, is the inklewriter choose your own adventure type story.  This week, I began to compose the story, but found that keeping all the threads and possible outcomes in my head, and even deciding them one at a time in order to write them was too complicated, so I have changed over to a word document and excel spreadsheet to try and create a basic story board. The final product will be a story about a poker tournament in which Merrell Shale will be playing. The readers will have choices about things like who they want to talk to, who they want to ignore, how they would like to conduct themselves before the game. All of those choices will come to play in the game itself, talking to the right people will give useful information that will help make it through the game. Naturally, I will make it so that readers have to make exclusive choices, i.e. talk to this person or that person, and each choice may come in handy, or not, and some may even be detrimental later. All of this will lead to several outcomes of the game and the associated story. To accomplish this, I will create what I am going to term the ideal story, which will have a basic narrative flow and some included details. I am then dividing the story line at those details to branch out and lead to different outcomes. I plan to, given the nature of the story, still allow readers a bit of luck if they stray from the ideal path to end up with the ideal outcome. The fundamental idea I am keeping in mind while designing the storyboard is finding a balance between complexity and immersion. A better story with more detail but fewer choices is better that a bad story with little detail but many choices, or so goes my thought process on the matter.
To employ different types of media in creating the story and create a better experience generally, I am going to use visual and audio aids along the way. Inklewriter allows me to use images directly in the story board for the story itself, and I have been investigating some way to infuse other media types without carrying readers away from the story, i.e., going to watch a video in a link and then having to come back to the story line. As it stands, the video and audio links will mostly go with the ends and the various outcomes. I am going to design some images, some gifs, some audio pieces, and possibly some simple videos to go along with the possible outcomes. If I can make audio open in new tabs, I may also create some background sounds to go along with the story, but I am up in arms with how to employ such a thing. The trouble being, if a new element of the story has some audio, the background noise would need to be non-intrusive because I have no way of getting a reader to stop that sound to hear a new one without breaking them out of the story for a moment, and I don’t want to go that route.

I have considered foregoing inklewriter because of the limitations, e.g., I have found no way to embed the story yet, but if I do, I cannot use the logic functions that inklewriter offers without typed instructions.

5 thoughts on “The Deal: Final Project Progress

  • Choose your own adventure stories are always fun, but they can get incredibly difficult to make. One solution to the audio problem is you could add like 10 minutes of blank space after the sound plays, so it doesn’t just repeat. I’ve never used inklewriter, so I have no idea if that would work. Regardless, sounds like you have a great plan here, and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  • Good luck! Hopefully everything works out, ’cause this sounds like a really cool idea. I’m using Inklewriter myself, but not really to the extent of telling an in-depth story with media throughout; each additional media piece of the story is more or less an ending, so links won’t be too detrimental. Perhaps using a more game-centric system might help, but of course that would have to involve coding. At any rate, best of luck again to you! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    • I suspect that is how mine will play out as well, to be honest. This idea of incorporated media throughout the story may have been a bit over zealous. I will still use pics and visual aids of that sort along the way; I think inklewriter provides that functionality.

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