3 Inspiring Video Moments

So, for this assignment, I made a video of a few really powerful and influential scenes. The one from Band of Brothers and Pay it Forward instantly came to mind when I saw this assignment, but I had to put a bit of thought into coming up with the third. Accordingly, as I viewed the scenes while making the assignment, the former 2 still, repeatedly, inspired quite a bit of feeling. The scene from Band of Brothers is really a great moment in film and in history, since the event actually took place. The scene in Pay it Forward, however, has a significance all its own. I delve into some of that in the video, but it really made a lasting impact or at least coincided temporally with a period of drastic change in my life. The last scene I included because of the single line that actually made me want to see what was really a sub-par movie in the first place. I waited the whole movie for that scene, and I can’t honestly say I was disappointed when it came. The line, “canceling the apocalypse,” gives me goosebumps when I think about it.
To create the video, I added the three clips together in movie maker and then extracted the full audio with audacity. I used audacity to lay my audio over the audio from the films, then I re imported both the audio and original video into movie maker.