Don’t leave your catchphrases out in the elements.

For this assignment, I started by picking a character with a catchphrase from a show that I enjoy. It took a minute to come up with one, but once I thought about this line, I knew it was perfect. I made a few changes in my initial design decision, but the basic theme remained the same.
After I had the idea, it was simply a matter of creating it in Gimp. I try, every week, to use software to do something I have never done. I am glad this course is inspiring me to expend my GIMP repertoire. So, this week, I used this tutorial from youtube to learn how to create ice text. I downloaded a copy of the front front the show, and I got to work. There were several steps in the process, and I won’t go through them all because the tutorial explains it all much better than I can. After I completed that, it was a matter of adding the necessary context to the text to make the catchphrase, which I did by adding a thought bubble. I like this one enough, I think I will share it on facebook. Here is the result.

On a side note, I just realized that Flickr is turning my .png’s into .jpgs and reducing the quality. I guess they don’t like the image data size. I will go back to exporting jpg’s, but of larger sizes to preserve at least some of the lost quality, even though .jpg is a lossy format.

One additional realization here…. I made a mistake and had to edit it out, and because I had not paid careful attention the kerning of the text, there is actually a place where the letters had overlapped that is, to me at least, a bit of an eyesore. Every element of text matters.

Primary Characters.

So, for this assignment there were two basic elements that went into completing it. The first, and by far the most difficult was thinking up the content. I had the idea to put Tyrion in the center right from the beginning, but I had some trouble thinking of ways to describe him that let me come up with other characters. In particular, short and rich gave me trouble until I thought of Scrooge and the whole thing came together. I tried at first to keep it to just Game of Thrones characters, but I couldn’t think of any way to get the content. I may do this assignment again in the future if I think of something for it.
The next aspect of the assignment, however, was to design it and put it together. I chose the primary color mix because I felt like the mixtures are familiar and understandable. It took a few methods to get the colors to mix the way I wanted, and in the end, I had to lay other colors over the top in a few spots. I just created the three circles on their own layers and dropped the opacity to 50 percent. I then duplicated each colored ring and put them over but in a different order to blend the colors better. I layered the text of the same font but two different sizes over the top of it all, and tried to position is uniformly. This is the result.

Not quite a mirror…

So, for this assignment, I decided that I would add a couple layers and do it slightly different than the two people before me. They both used xbox avatars to complete the assignment, but it didn’t expressly say to do so. I started to make an avatar of myself elsewhere, but I figured that it would be better to pull one from something I actually use. So, I loaded up the old game that I have been playing recently, Dragon Age Origins, and made the best copy of myself that I could. I had to use a photo for some it it, though, because I don’t know that i have ever tried to imitate my face so closely. The limited options in the engine prohibited a perfect match, but I think I got fairly close, anyhow. I made the angle of the photo and the angle of the character screen shot the same to illustrate that they are intended to be the same. And for the background, I chose a similar dark gray that the people previously had, except I used layers and transparency to make overlapping boxes behind the avatar and my to demonstrate how the digital me and the real me overlap one another.

Movies? What do I know about Movies?

So, when I saw this assignment, I knew exactly what movie I would pick and I knew for sure the first icon. I will leave it at that so that I don’t ruin the fun of guessing. Probably anyone who has seen the movie will recognize it, but I will provide a few additional clues… First of all, the boxer should have bare knuckles. Second, the gun should say the name of a very specific highly recognizable gun manufacturer and a rather large caliber on the side. It is not an old movie really, unless you are really young… then you might consider it old.  This assignment was really fun; it was interesting to boil down the entire movie to 4 icons. I chose the simplistic comic strip style to help show that the icons are intended to tell a whole story, but not break away from the simplicity of the icons themselves.  There were a couple others I thought about for a minute, but I think these isolated the essence of the movie. To anyone that happens by to actually guess, Good Luck! If you show up and absolutely cannot figure it out, the answer is here.