Much ado about week two.

This week, while more work than the previous, was certainly more intriguing. I did not carefully read the weekly schedule carefully so I only completed one daily create this week.

It was simply enough, and sort of fun, so I am actually disappointed that I missed the others. The assignments were really good to get my brain thinking more creatively. The whistling a song assignment was simple enough but it made me think about the sorts of things that a good audio assignment might entail, which prompted me to think of what I feel is the beginning of a potentially decent contribution to our group assignment creation.
Writing a story from the perspective of a household tool was a different sort of challenge. It gave me the opportunity to think about writing in a way that my academic career generally does not. It was an interesting bit of self expression, even if what it was expressing was simple and mundane.
My other assignment, which was to put myself in a movie scene was a fun and easy visual assignment. Later I will aim for more challenging ones, but this week I was enjoying dipping my feet into the assignment pool. Describing what I had done and why I had done it added a level of complication, but it was still relatively simple, and again, provided a unique opportunity for self expression.
The about me was probably the most daunting task this week. As I believe I stated in last week, I dislike writing about myself. I decided to keep a portion of what was a digital about me that I made last week and add on to it. The digital history portion, I moved to another posting. I think that the actual about me and the digital section could do with some revision and addition later, so I will keep my mind open for creative ways to add to them.
This week, I also spent some time perusing other people’s work to see what they had done. I only posted one comment this week, but I think the assignments and other tasks in the coming weeks might prevent more opportunity for collaboration, discussion, and interaction. I am still learning to navigate the main site a bit to see what sorts of things people are posting.

Week One: Baby Steps..

The first week of the course, because of my apprehension after a precursory glance at the course work, was a bit intimidating. After getting started though, I realized that it was all relatively simple, for now, and maybe even somewhat exciting. I always hate writing about myself so writing my intro was, as expected, a bit awkward; I took it in a different direction though, so it was not the experience I expected.
The western theme invoked a bit of a negative reaction at first until I read about the genre and wrote my reflection about it. After some thought, I realized that westerns had actually been a big part of my film experiences, and even my reading experiences, and that it might be fun to participate in that tradition.
I think the moral of the week then has been to avoid what I have been told is “contempt prior to investigation” and give things a chance. Nothing about the experience of the first week was bad at all, but I allowed my first, very limited, impression to shape my actions, and now here I am writing this reflection post at the last minute. I think the thing that I need to take away from the first week most of all, then, and I have always had this issue with online course work, is not to put it off. This is particularly true for this course. The last thing I would want is to be in a rush and barely finish an assignment that I found exciting simply because I put it off until the last minute.