Me and my Robot

So, for this assignment, I remixed one I had done before, and I added some twists. In the original, I just made a digital copy of myself. For this one, I was going to make a video of the same, but the tool I found that lets me make a video avatar of myself had a robot that gave me an idea. I used the robot and let him have my normal voice, and then I made my reply and I turned my voice into a robot voice, or at least I attempted. The tutorial I used, the guy was far more soft spoken than me, so my results were not as good.  I recorded both videos, and stuck them together in Movie Maker. Then I opened the video in audacity to work on the audio track. I triplicated the track, then made my edits to the portion I wanted to sound like a robot. I changed the pitch and tempo of the various tracks and added echoes.  Here is the result.