Tuned in for Tumbleweeds

So, of the radio programs I listened to this week, Tumbleweeds was the one that I was interested enough to reflect on. I like the approach that they took using the different perspectives to tell the story. Better than that, however, was the production value of their program. The music, the sound effects, the sudden changes in pitch, and so on all created a very immersive atmosphere while listening to the show.  The commercial were entertaining as well, and the transitions were all smooth. The whole production sounded like something one might actually here on the radio. That the authors continued the story afterward tells me something of their interesting and passion in telling it as well.
The final consideration for the program was that while listening, I was really honed in on the audio elements of the show. In a way that I would have never been before making my own program, I listened for the subtle things that made the whole thing sound complete. And, as a sign of the quality workmanship, I could not tell what was recorded where and when. It did not sound like patchwork, but rather like a smooth, complete, cohesive radio program.

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