Nascent western news program.

This week we made a little headway toward getting our radio program put together. The first part was getting the groups together, which was a little easier than I had expected that it would be. We quickly went about throwing out topics and show ideas and such until we came up with something that sounded like it would make an interesting show, and Julianna came up with a group name.
With that official business out of the way, we discussed some strategies and ideas on what we want to include and how we want to divvy the work. That discussion is still ongoing, but it at least has enough direction that I can start giving some thought to how I want to proceed. I think that we have enough ideas floating about that now it is down to each of us just taking want we want and making our own contributions to the work. In the end, I think that so long as everyone in our group makes their contributions, that the whole idea will lend to a well thought out and fun to listen to ds106 radio program.

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