Elements of Western Design

The movie posters almost exclusively do not feature “western typography.” Many of the fonts are unlike those featured in the stills of western typography.  The fonts in the posters are, however, strikingly similar, and I am curious as to whether if I was shown just the typography from one of those posters if I would know it to be a western. In retrospect, and although my memory may be faulty here, It seems that the type faces they have used were also similar to many western novels that I have seen.
There are several western staples and stereotypes associated in the designs, however. Guns, especially old revolvers, are featured in a number of the photos. Cowboy hats are also iconic representations of the western Genre.
I wonder, however, what someone like Vignelli would have though of some of the posters. I am probably missing some contest for some of them, but quite a few of the designs seem to simply be trying to do and to convey too much. There were a few that in my precursory glance, I could not have even stated the title, which does little good if you are trying to inspire someone to see a movie. Looking at the posters and seeing what works and doesn’t work is a lesson in appreciating simplicity and purposefulness of design.

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