Digital Me

This about me is a little different than my other because I want to focus on my internet and digital experiences. I came of age with the internet and consider myself rather tech savvy. I had an AOL when that was the thing and grew up using yahoo messenger. My original myspace account user ID is in the first hundred thousand or so, although I am not quite sure why I know that. But, I readily admit that the latest generation of social networking and internet use has left me behind. I am, therefore, enthusiastic about DS106 because it will help me gain the tools to get caught up on using the internet as a medium. Mostly all I use social networking for now is participation in a handful of political and philosophical debate groups and keeping up with my friends and family at their various locations around the globe. I had a twitter… but I never got around to doing anything with it, maybe now that will change.

Hopefully at the end of the course, I will have developed the tools I need to utilize my degree in online environments and open up avenues for my professional and personal aspirations as well.

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