What is a country that I have heard of…

For this assignment, creep on a movie scene, I originally thought it would be a good idea to put myself in a horror movie, maybe even cover myself in blood or something. Although this was admittedly easier, it is, to me, somewhat more entertaining. After I decided against a horror film, I thought a Tarantino movie would be a good idea. I was going to make myself into the cop in the trunk in Reservoir Dogs, but none of the images contain both the characters and the officer. So, I went with this iconic image instead. Imagine, if you will, that Samuel L. Jackson just came along with a gun and an armed compatriot and started eating your Big Kahuna burger. I tried for a look of apprehension in the photo, which I had to take specifically for this image because of the angle, but I think the angle obscures the wonderful face acting that I had done.

Process wise, it was all rather simple. I found the image, took note of the angle of the character in the picture, and had someone snap a photo from the appropriate angle. I added the scared look for a nice touch. There was one take of the photo where I looked more scared, but the angle was bad so I discarded it. It was harder to recreate that look than I imagined. After that, I added the face image to gimp, added a transparent background, cropped it around my face and saved it as a layer. Then, I added the face layer to the scene image, resized it, flattened it, and voila!
I am entertained enough with the results that I think I will make this my facebook profile pic for a while…


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