The Hiser Bunch

This assignment was to create a Brady Bunch image using family or friends. Picked people for this one was a breeze because my family is already sort of a Brady Bunch. I have one child from a previous marriage, in the bottom right, my wife has three, all on the left, and we have one child together. We also have two cats, Shadow and Flame. (know the reference?)
Putting the photo together was fairly simple. I choseĀ  photos of each of us, it was at this time that I realized I have almost no good photos and that maybe it is time to actually invest in an SLR camera. Cell phone tech, at least in my phone, just isn’t cutting it yet. After choosing the photos, I just had to crop, remove the background, and place them into the image. I used the natural angles of the photos to make them look as proper as possible in the boxes and chose a family arrangement that made sense like the original Brady Bunch. The font, although not as good as my apple original I used for something yesterday, was a pretty good Brady imitation. There are thousands upon thousands of fonts out there and searching for something like Brady Bunch font is sure to return some results.
So, what I took from this is that I need to spend time getting better photos that can stand as photos for their own sake rather than just poorly shot visual representations of memories.Since I learned about the basics of photography a visual design class, I have always wanted to get more into it, but I still have not done so. Canon Rebel, here I come… maybe.


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