Primary Characters.

So, for this assignment there were two basic elements that went into completing it. The first, and by far the most difficult was thinking up the content. I had the idea to put Tyrion in the center right from the beginning, but I had some trouble thinking of ways to describe him that let me come up with other characters. In particular, short and rich gave me trouble until I thought of Scrooge and the whole thing came together. I tried at first to keep it to just Game of Thrones characters, but I couldn’t think of any way to get the content. I may do this assignment again in the future if I think of something for it.
The next aspect of the assignment, however, was to design it and put it together. I chose the primary color mix because I felt like the mixtures are familiar and understandable. It took a few methods to get the colors to mix the way I wanted, and in the end, I had to lay other colors over the top in a few spots. I just created the three circles on their own layers and dropped the opacity to 50 percent. I then duplicated each colored ring and put them over but in a different order to blend the colors better. I layered the text of the same font but two different sizes over the top of it all, and tried to position is uniformly. This is the result.

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