Drawing Babies

For this 2 star assignment, I was supposed to take an image and turn it into a pencil drawing.
I made two attempts at it because I did not like the first one. I didn’t care much for the second one either. I chose this assignment because it involved manipulating images in ways that I have not before. I sometimes mod custom textures and appearances for games, and now I wonder how it would look if I turned those textures into drawings.  Anyhow, for the first image, I chose this tutorial on youtube. The results looked more like I had turned the image black and white rather than into a drawing.


The next image I created using this tutorial was for a soft color pencil drawing instead of  plain black and white. The result in this case looks more like a grainy photo than a drawing. I did notice some elements form each that I might be able to combine in the future if I want to perfect this technique. The interesting thing to note here is that in each of tutorials, they had spectacular results with the photos they chose. The takeaway here is that the editing process for this, and probably for other manipulations depends quite heavily on the characteristics of the photo being manipulated: no one size fits all. 

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