Don’t leave your catchphrases out in the elements.

For this assignment, I started by picking a character with a catchphrase from a show that I enjoy. It took a minute to come up with one, but once I thought about this line, I knew it was perfect. I made a few changes in my initial design decision, but the basic theme remained the same.
After I had the idea, it was simply a matter of creating it in Gimp. I try, every week, to use software to do something I have never done. I am glad this course is inspiring me to expend my GIMP repertoire. So, this week, I used this tutorial from youtube to learn how to create ice text. I downloaded a copy of the front front the show, and I got to work. There were several steps in the process, and I won’t go through them all because the tutorial explains it all much better than I can. After I completed that, it was a matter of adding the necessary context to the text to make the catchphrase, which I did by adding a thought bubble. I like this one enough, I think I will share it on facebook. Here is the result.

On a side note, I just realized that Flickr is turning my .png’s into .jpgs and reducing the quality. I guess they don’t like the image data size. I will go back to exporting jpg’s, but of larger sizes to preserve at least some of the lost quality, even though .jpg is a lossy format.

One additional realization here…. I made a mistake and had to edit it out, and because I had not paid careful attention the kerning of the text, there is actually a place where the letters had overlapped that is, to me at least, a bit of an eyesore. Every element of text matters.

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