Leonardo’s life in the spotlight

This assignment used the same basic idea as one I did last week. The emphasis here, though, was to show the age progression in the character and not just highlight some of his interesting roles. I chose Leonardo Dicaprio as the focus for this assignment since he has such  long film history and most of his roles were big enough to make getting good footage easier. I tried to use his best roles, but many of them were left out as I found that I wanted to use the clips themselves to tell a story inside the story, inception story style, fitting for the subject.  I start with Leo getting your attention, an interview with him as a young man talking about his Oscar prospects, and them move though his career. I tried to make the clips flow with one another; I move from his anguish over his mother’s death in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape to his own anguish and death in Romeo and Juliet. Then, he is on the titanic talking about waking up and not knowing here he will end up, then he is on a plane in Catch me if you Can. In the inception clip, he is talking about wondering how “we” get here, then I cut to the climactic end clips of Wolf of Wall Street and Reverent. After that, he is giving his Oscar (or maybe it was the Golden Globes but he did win an Oscar) acceptance speech for Revenant where he is talking about the story of the journey in Revenant, but I frame it like he is talking about his life and career.  In each of the clips, where possible, I tried to cut on his face or really near to it so that his age progression is noticeable. Also, in the sections where the camera spends a long time focused on someone other than Leo, I use a blur filter to make it clear the importance of his face.  Also, to make it smooth, the only place I fused two scenes facing him together, I used one of the movie maker transitions to make it not choppy.

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