How to Embed a StoryMap

So, for this tutorial, I am more interested in embedding the StoryMap on a WordPress site than on creating the storymap itself. This is something that I spent a bit of time investigating, so I just wanted to simplify the process for anyone interested. I tried the plugin, and it did a lot of really odd things, none of which were successfully embedding my storymap. So, if you would like embed your storymap, you can do the following:

1. Go to your Dashboard on your WordPress site.

2. Click the link in the tab on the left to go to “plugins.”

3. Click add new, then search for “iframe” and you will see a plugin called iframe shortcode.

4. Click install, then click activate.
5. Now, the once forbidden iframe codes can be displayed on your site. (this means more than just storymap embedding, by the way.)
6. So, for the plugin, you replace <iframe     > </iframe> with [iframe   ] The final version of your url will look like this,

iframe src=”your full url, do not remove the quotes” frameborder=”0″ width=”100%” height=”800″

Yours will need brackets around it, though. I had to remove them here so it would not try to embed here.  The final product will look like this,  although your storymap is likely must prettier than mine.

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