Not quite a mirror…

So, for this assignment, I decided that I would add a couple layers and do it slightly different than the two people before me. They both used xbox avatars to complete the assignment, but it didn’t expressly say to do so. I started to make an avatar of myself elsewhere, but I figured that it would be better to pull one from something I actually use. So, I loaded up the old game that I have been playing recently, Dragon Age Origins, and made the best copy of myself that I could. I had to use a photo for some it it, though, because I don’t know that i have ever tried to imitate my face so closely. The limited options in the engine prohibited a perfect match, but I think I got fairly close, anyhow. I made the angle of the photo and the angle of the character screen shot the same to illustrate that they are intended to be the same. And for the background, I chose a similar dark gray that the people previously had, except I used layers and transparency to make overlapping boxes behind the avatar and my to demonstrate how the digital me and the real me overlap one another.

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