Movies? What do I know about Movies?

So, when I saw this assignment, I knew exactly what movie I would pick and I knew for sure the first icon. I will leave it at that so that I don’t ruin the fun of guessing. Probably anyone who has seen the movie will recognize it, but I will provide a few additional clues… First of all, the boxer should have bare knuckles. Second, the gun should say the name of a very specific highly recognizable gun manufacturer and a rather large caliber on the side. It is not an old movie really, unless you are really young… then you might consider it old.  This assignment was really fun; it was interesting to boil down the entire movie to 4 icons. I chose the simplistic comic strip style to help show that the icons are intended to tell a whole story, but not break away from the simplicity of the icons themselves.  There were a couple others I thought about for a minute, but I think these isolated the essence of the movie. To anyone that happens by to actually guess, Good Luck! If you show up and absolutely cannot figure it out, the answer is here.



2 thoughts on “Movies? What do I know about Movies?

  • The first thing I thought of was diamond shoot and boxer the dog….soon learned that I was wrong. The movie snatch, was definitely not the first thing I thought of. Again I have never seen snatch. But your visual pictures are really good! I think that if I had seen the movie I would’ve known what it was.

    • I posted it on facebook as well. One of my friends got it instantly. It was kind of hit or miss depending on if you had seen the. The title is actually a play on the opening line of the movie, “Diamonds, what do I know about diamonds?”

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