This assignment was to slow down a song using audio editing software. I used the Paulstretch effect in audacity for the slowing part. The song I chose was Poor Millionaire by August Burns Red. It is pretty heavy metal-core, I thought the rapid shifts in pitch and tone would make the result interesting. The idea is to make it sound like ambient music, but I don’t know that my final result reflects that very well. I tried a number of effects, pitch shifting, compression, reverb, so on and so forth and found very little that moved it in the direction that I liked. What I did do, in the final product, was cut out non vocal sections, split the audio tracks, added different echos to each track, and reversed the left track so they sounded different from one another. The result has some of the qualities that I wanted, but there is too much hum in each track; that is the best way I can describe it. I tried noise reduction to remove some of it, its effect was moderate at best. Perhaps metal-core was not a good genre of music for this assignment. Anyhow, this is the final product, for better or worse.

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