Daddy Daughter Dancing

For this assignment, I thought for a second about a song with really strong, attached memories. The song I chose isn’t a song I really listen to on my own, so when I thought of it, it was perfect for the assignment.


As far as the assignment portion, it was rather straight forward. I just recorded myself reflecting on the song. I let a black spot to get a noise reduction profile. I made sure to put long paused after mistakes and I let the recording stream. I realized after my take that I did not name the song, so I made a second recording where I said the name of the song and spliced it into the original. Audacity takes quite a bit of the trial and error out of recording a voice audio file. Mistakes are easily removed or corrected, so I did not have to start over every time I messed up. I have rarely, if ever, recorded myself for any reason, but if and when I do in the future, I will remember that audacity is an indispensable tool for doing so. Anyhow, here is my recording.

One final realization I had while making this assignment was that embedding files is easier than I though. For both soundcloud and youtube, all I had to do was make sure that in the ext editor, they were on a line entirely their own. No more adding the
embed and /embed markup to get things to appear.

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