My name is Kris and I am a senior at the University of Mary Washington majoring in History. I am originally from Kansas and I started my university studies at Wichita State University. I have a large family, more like a clan, most of whom appreciate a good zombie costume…

Halloween Family

I am a nontraditional college student; I decided to go back to school after working several years in contracting and various construction trades. I did pretty well in that field, but my passion was elsewhere and I felt like I was selling myself short intellectually. I started as a journalism major and eventually added history because I wanted a more rounded education. I dropped the journalism major when I transferred to UMW because I had too many credits. Turns out, I rounded my education more than I should have and I have a ton of credits.
I am interested in numerous academic fields. I have taken a handful of classes or more in analytical philosophy, journalism, political science, psychology, and classes related to law. I intend, if I do well enough on my LSAT to get into a good law school, to study law after I get my BA. My primary professional goal is to work in law to assist underprivileged classes of people; I still haven’t decided in what area in particular. While at Wichita State, I worked at the logic clinic tutoring introductory logic, and now at UMW, I work in the writing center. I enjoy helping people learn enough that I might make a career out of that in one way or another as well.
Interests wise, I love to read, especially nonfiction about subjects that interest me. I consider myself somewhat of a film buff. I also like to do things with my children to make sure they have a more exciting childhood than I ever did. I also try to make sure they are more responsible than I was so that they don’t wait till they are in their 30’s to chase their dreams, not that there is anything inherently wrong with that.
Additionally, I have a sort of digital history about me here.